The Corruption of Kidiya Kitts

Corruption of Kidiya KittsMy latest short film “The Corruption of Kidiya Kitts”  

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 The story of Kidiya Kitts revolves around a young basketball prodigy whose life gets turned upside down by a calculating seductress.  At the ripe age of 20, not only is Kidiya Kitts the NBA’s projected number one draft pick — he is also the one young black man who can lead the troubled league back to the promised land.

Jamie Devil

 Talented. Handsome. Cerebral. He is blessed with a sense of harm and charm that reaches the cheap seats. However, it’s tough to remain innocent on the road to the NBA. Even those who can steer clear of run-ins with the law have to deal with the league’s culture of temptation.  

“Sometimes things aren’t as safe as they appear”.

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