This site is dedicated to becoming a valuable resource for the independent film maker. I am always looking for ways to inform independent film makers and potential independent film makers so that they can concentrate on making better films. From digital production to original feature length film, all films are important to Indie Sessions. So if you have a film you want people to see. Contact us and we’ll put it on the site. If you have something you’d like to know, tell us about it and we’ll find out for you. We’ll recommend books, other websites and techniques to help you become a better film maker. So go pick up a camera and start making films. It’s never too late to start. Your first story telling experience doesn’t have to be a feature. Good luck and happy story telling.

This site has been published once before in a different form factor. Still with the same intention, but never functioning in a way that was beneficial for the independent film maker. with the onset of WordPress, we believe we’ve finally reached that mark. I am able to post new findings for you to reference almost immediately after I find them. I will continue to look for and post the best the internet has to offer independent film makers.

This site is the work of Jason R. Coleman in Nashville, TN. An indie film maker myself, I’ve been in the advertising and promotions side of video production for over 11 years and I know first hand how difficult the obstacles are and what an indie film maker must go through to achieve their goal. I was awarded Runner Up Mockumentary and Best Actors for “Reel Stories: Record Breakers” in the 48 Hour Film Project ’04 and Best SciFi and Best Actors for “Unfortunate Me” in the 48 Hour Film Project ’05. I like to think I got best actors both years because I know how to pick ’em. Since then, camera technology and all other supporting tech has changed a ton and I hope to do another film soon.

If you have any ideas for the site or would be interested in collaborating in Middle Tennessee, please feel free to contact me. If you’d like to be a guest on our upcoming independent film show, please contact me for that as well.

Keep making films!

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