Rhode Smart Lav Review from Film Riot Great Value For Wireless Alternative

Rhode Smart Lav 2

Rhode Smart Lav

This episode goes into detail on the Rhode Smart Lav. I personally dig it. I paid approximately that much for a set of lav mics that aren’t wireless so recording to an iphone is certainly a better alternative. That is as long as you get some sort of sync sound. Anyway, Ryan goes into his detail about the mic system in this episode and there is some serious cutdown challenges going on with Josh.


Film Riot


Super Flight Takeoff by Film Riot

Super Flight Takeoff

Super Flight Takeoff

In this episode, Ryan goes into the details of making a Superman take-off look realistic. It’s surprisingly simple and you will enjoy some of the other uses of these techniques. There are some great outtakes at the end and you’ll love how Josh makes his “Booty Clap!”

Keep looking for the first Indie Sessions episode coming soon and keep making movies!

Film Riot


Major Changes Are Coming In 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 9.55.17 AMMajor Changes Are Coming To Indie Sessions In 2014

So I have made major goals for this year and one of the big ones is getting some type of media show produced and published on a regular basis this year. I’d like to do Indie Sessions as a video show however, I may just do an audio podcast. I’d love to get your opinion on the matter so please comment below because I’m just about ready to roll with the show whether it’s video or audio. So with all that said, I will also be changing the way the site looks and is presented. I will be changing the fact that the posts are all in different page categories. I’m moving to a post only page so that it’s not too difficult to navigate and hopefully compresses the visits the site gets so we can track it better.

On the other hand, I’d love to know what you are interested in seeing on the site. Do you want filmmaker interviews, tech reviews, indie film presentations? Just let me know and I’ll make it happen.

Here’s to big things in 2014!!!


Visual Effects Details from Film Riot – Proximity

Visual Effects Details Shot from Poximity

Visual Effects Details From Film Riot Film – Proximity

Great tutorial from Ryan Connolly on this episode of Film Riot and how he pulled off some of the more minor effects shots that make a film much more believeable. Without these minor tweaks, the film would be less intense and would remove you from the emersion of the film. This one is detailed and step by step with links to more tutorials on specific processes to pull off effects shots. Enjoy and leave a comment. Make sure to send in your films for review and inclusion on the site as well as free promotion here on Indie Sessions. Send your hard copies to be included in the new show to the address on the about page and send your emails with press kits and promotions to info at indiessessions.com.

Ryan breaks down the VFX of Proximity!

Proximity Sale: http://triune-store.myshopify.com/col…

Shackle Removal Breakdown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdyjrX…

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Film Set Grip Description – Mark Vargo A.S.C.

Film set grip descriptionWhat IS a Grip and what do they Do?

Film Set Grip Description:

This IS THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF A HIGH BUDGET FILM GRIP I HAVE SEEN. Thanks to Mark Vargo for producing this video and to Joe Rohaley for finding it and sharing it with me. If you have ever wondered what a grip does, this is your opportunity to see what they do on a set with a real budget. I’ve been on large sets myself and grips are absolutely worth their weight in gold. A film could not be shot on a professional level without them, just you try.

Please watch this video by Mark Vargo and you will understand what it is like and how big of a job Grips do for the movie business. Yes, I realize that on an independent micro budget set, these situations don’t necessarily come into play, but by knowing what CAN be done, you are starting off on a great footing for improving your productions. Enjoy!

Grip it Good from Mark Vargo on Vimeo.

Part tutorial, part love letter – this video represents my take on the importance of the grip department. No grips, no Oscar nomination. Film schools don’t spend enough time on the essentials of gripping and for the life of me I don’t know why! Grips provide literally 1/2 of the lighting on stage and sometimes 100% of the lighting outdoors! You cannot learn how to shoot without some knowledge of “cutting” light. Hopefully this video will help you approach your lighting plan differently in the future.
Hope you like it! Mark Vargo, asc

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