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Run Through a Wall and Burn Baby Burn – Film Riot Episode

Film Riot Punching BagRun Through a Wall and Burn Baby Burn!

In this great episode of Film Riot, the guys show you how to burn and run through a wall. I like both because they are simple and reminds me of a Halloween store commercial I did once making a witch look extra creepy. Check it out and let me know your thoughts below. Make sure to send in your projects with these effects so we can help you get more views.


Revisit Chroma Keying

chroma keyingChroma Keying

There’s never a time to let your chroma keying skills lax. You always want to stay up to date with your keying skills. With that in mind, if you are new to keying, then this tutorial is great for you. Give it a shot and keep making projects. I found these guys through Indy Mogul, but they seem pretty cool so check em out.



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