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Super Flight Takeoff by Film Riot

Super Flight Takeoff

Super Flight Takeoff

In this episode, Ryan goes into the details of making a Superman take-off look realistic. It’s surprisingly simple and you will enjoy some of the other uses of these techniques. There are some great outtakes at the end and you’ll love how Josh makes his “Booty Clap!”

Keep looking for the first Indie Sessions episode coming soon and keep making movies!

Film Riot


Visual Effects Details from Film Riot – Proximity

Visual Effects Details Shot from Poximity

Visual Effects Details From Film Riot Film – Proximity

Great tutorial from Ryan Connolly on this episode of Film Riot and how he pulled off some of the more minor effects shots that make a film much more believeable. Without these minor tweaks, the film would be less intense and would remove you from the emersion of the film. This one is detailed and step by step with links to more tutorials on specific processes to pull off effects shots. Enjoy and leave a comment. Make sure to send in your films for review and inclusion on the site as well as free promotion here on Indie Sessions. Send your hard copies to be included in the new show to the address on the about page and send your emails with press kits and promotions to info at

Ryan breaks down the VFX of Proximity!

Proximity Sale:…

Shackle Removal Breakdown:…

Harry Frank:
Mary Poplin:
Seth Worley:
Michael Stark:


Media Fire:


Fly With Josh Connolly – Or Fall – See how its done – Get a stand up desk – Film Riot Episode

Josh Connolly FlyingMake Yourself Fly or Fall

Wanna see Josh fly?! Well he might need some help but Ryan shows you how to make it look convincing anyway. Check out this episode of Film Riot to see how to make this happen. Send us your videos using this technique and we’ll publish it here and help you get more views.

Ryan makes some mistakes, but unless you are watching every frame like some loser, you’ll enjoy this effect and the instructions on how to pull it off. It’s a fairly simple technique and any beginning filmmaker should be able to accomplish it.

Next Ryan discusses something familiar to anyone who’s ever edited a project. Time in front of the computer can be damaging to your body. Ryan did some research on it and has come to a new conclusion. Check it out in this episode.


Run Through a Wall and Burn Baby Burn – Film Riot Episode

Film Riot Punching BagRun Through a Wall and Burn Baby Burn!

In this great episode of Film Riot, the guys show you how to burn and run through a wall. I like both because they are simple and reminds me of a Halloween store commercial I did once making a witch look extra creepy. Check it out and let me know your thoughts below. Make sure to send in your projects with these effects so we can help you get more views.


Create Fire in After Effects with help from Film Riot

Flame Thrower

Flame Thrower

Great episode from Film Riot on using flame assets to create a flame thrower effect using a squirt gun. I for one can’t wait to use some of these tips to better my productions. Have fun and don’t get burned. Don’t forget to send my your projects including this effect. I’ll help promote your videos!

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