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Film Set Grip Description – Mark Vargo A.S.C.

Film set grip descriptionWhat IS a Grip and what do they Do?

Film Set Grip Description:

This IS THE BEST DESCRIPTION OF A HIGH BUDGET FILM GRIP I HAVE SEEN. Thanks to Mark Vargo for producing this video and to Joe Rohaley for finding it and sharing it with me. If you have ever wondered what a grip does, this is your opportunity to see what they do on a set with a real budget. I’ve been on large sets myself and grips are absolutely worth their weight in gold. A film could not be shot on a professional level without them, just you try.

Please watch this video by Mark Vargo and you will understand what it is like and how big of a job Grips do for the movie business. Yes, I realize that on an independent micro budget set, these situations don’t necessarily come into play, but by knowing what CAN be done, you are starting off on a great footing for improving your productions. Enjoy!

Grip it Good from Mark Vargo on Vimeo.

Part tutorial, part love letter – this video represents my take on the importance of the grip department. No grips, no Oscar nomination. Film schools don’t spend enough time on the essentials of gripping and for the life of me I don’t know why! Grips provide literally 1/2 of the lighting on stage and sometimes 100% of the lighting outdoors! You cannot learn how to shoot without some knowledge of “cutting” light. Hopefully this video will help you approach your lighting plan differently in the future.
Hope you like it! Mark Vargo, asc


Lens Whacking

Lens Whacking techniques discussed by Ryan Connolly of Film Riot

Masters in Motion


James Miller


Filmmakers’ Christmas List 2013 from Ryan Connolly at Film Riot

Ryan Connolly Filmmakers' Christmas List 2013The Filmmakers’ Christmas List 2013!

Yes! Great gear and great recommendations. I have still yet to take the plunge into CC, but certainly I am headed that direction. I love that there are options from Final Draft for script writing. Since I primarily write for advertising, I hardly ever use a traditional script style and I want to do a new film this next year so I’ll have to check out the Adobe Story for sure!

So what do you think? Did Ryan do well with his list? What do you want this year. Leave a comment and let me know what you do and don’t like about his list. His links are below so you can check out these great products.


Adobe Story Free:…

Adobe Story:


Canon 5D Mark III:…

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera:…

Canon T3i:…

Letus AnamorphX Adapter:…

Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler:…

Letus Master Cinema Series:…

Letus Talon:…


Revolve Camera Dolly Pro Kit:…

Rode NTG-3:

Rode NTG-2:

H4N Zoom:

H6 Zoom:\


5-in-1 Collapsible Reflector:…

Adobe CC:…


Red Giant Color Suite 11:…

Red Giant Keying Suite:…

Red Giant Denoiser II:…

Red Giant Pluraleyes:…

Film Convert:



Christmas List 2012 from Film Riot

Christmas List 2012Christmas List 2012 from Film Riot

The Christmas List from 2012 from Ryan Connolly at Film Riot…So yeah, I know, I’m way behind watching these guys’ work and I’m just now getting to last year’s Christmas List, but I think a lot of these items are still very valid and I wanted to compare them in my next post to what they prefer for 2013. So check these out and let me know what you are wanting this Christmas and then I’ll post the Film Riot 2013 Christmas List.

The List:

Final Draft








Shooting Anamorphic with Film Riot and Ryan Connolly

shooting anamorphic lenses - anamorphic filter

Film Riot and Shooting Anamorphic Lenses

Ryan Connolly goes into depth on shooting anamorphic lenses and filters affordably for you as well as explaining the technology in plain english. To use or not to use anamorphic? That is the question…

Personally, I have never shot anamorphic, but it looks as though you can get a real cinematic look with them. I may try the lesser expensive option if I produce a film in 2014. How about you? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

For more information on the lenses in question, got here –>

Software Recommendations