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Like Father Like Son – produced by Beardforce Films

Like Father Like Son – Our Entry Into The 54 Hour Film Fest

I recently competed in the 54 Hour Film Fest in Murfreesboro, TN. It was a fun competition and I had the opportunity to help out a friend by doing location sound for him. Our category was time travel. We had a blast and the replacement director came up with a great way to show time travel. Don’t let me be the judge though. You judge for yourself. Enjoy and please comment below to let us know what you thought of the film.

Cheers! And Kepp Makin’ Movies!

~Jason R. Coleman – Owner/Operator – Indie Sessions


Film Riot – Mondays: Character Development & Keeping Continuity!

Film Riot – Mondays:

Ryan answers the viewer questions including character development and Upercut the Butt remixes (my personal favorite). He also recommends the short film Duet directed by Glen Keane. The only criticism I have of the film is the unrealistic lifetime of the dog. What a great animation. It looks like it’s frame by frame art, but I could be wrong. Have a look by clicking the link above and make sure to comment on your thoughts on this episode of Film Riot with Ryan Connolly below in the comments box. If you want to edit like Ryan and many others, make sure to get your Adobe Premiere Pro CC [Digital Membership] and you’re good to go. Once you edit something, send us a clip or trailer and we’ll be glad to feature it here on the site. Until next time, keep making movies!


Music City Memoirs – Directed by Deion McCarter

Jessica Dawn

Music City Memoirs – Award Winning Film by Deion McCarter

Deion is an up and coming director and this piece on Nashville and what it takes to move here and pursue a dream in music is worth a watch. See Jessica Dawn’s story. It’s alot like many others who come to this town to make it bg in music. Music City Memoirs won a Blue Spark award at MTSU for High School filmmakers. Great job Deion! Keep up the good work.

Enjoy this film. It is worth the time investment. Make sure to leave a comment for Deion below and share this post to help him get his work seen. You can follow Deion on Facebook here. Check out more about Jessica Dawn here.



Kill Kill – Short Film by Mark W.

Kill Kill – Short Film by Mark W.

Have a look at this film and please leave your comments below.

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