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Straight Up: Tennessee Whiskey Trailer – Nashville Film Festival

Straight Up: TN WhiskeyStraight Up: Tennessee Whiskey Trailer Produced and Directed by Eric Byford of Beardforce Films

Straight Up: Tennessee Whiskey is produced and directed by my friend and colleague, Eric Byford. It is an official selection for the Nashville Film Festival as well as the Big Easy International Film Festival. The production of this film has been a long journey for Eric and he cordially invites you to join him at the respective screenings for his film. Beardforce Films presents Straight Up: Tennessee Whiskey – Here is the story of whiskey making told from the craftsmen that create the most recognizable whiskey on the planet to the new artisans of whiskey making…Please see the trailer below and comment below that and make sure to share the post so that we can spread the word about this film.

The Big Easy International Film and Music Festival
4/6/14 6:00 p.m. Documentary Shorts Program (hit the link above for more info and to purchase tickets)
Nashville Film Festival:
4/19/14 3:30 p.m.
4/26/14 12:30 p.m.
at the The Nashville Film Festival: April 17 – 26, Green Hills Regal Cinemas 16.



Biology 101 Trailer written by Liz Bradley and Christopher Smith

Check out this trailer from filmmakers Christopher Smith & Liz Bradley. Make sure to let them know what you think by commenting below!

Bill Pollard is the very image of the mild-mannered suburbanite. He is a calm and stable husband and father, and teaches biology at Thatherton Community College. He is also hopelessly addicted to Internet pornography. The object of Bill’s lustful obsession is webcam vixen Dani Darling. He spends his nights secretly entranced by her scintillating images, keeping his illicit fantasies hidden from his wife and family. One day a new student, Marissa Weaver, transfers into Bill’s Monday-Wednesday biology class. There’s something very familiar about her. Bill comes to suspect that normal college student Marissa Weaver may lead a secret private life as Dani Darling. His pathological desire to find the truth leads him down a destructive spiral of blackmail and perverse sexual obsession.

Starring: David Welborn, Noelle DuBois, Deborah O’Brien, Emily Bicks, Money MacTavish, Morgan Peter Brown, David Allan Graf

Directed By: Christopher Smith

Screenplay By: Christopher Smith, Liz Bradley

Produced By: Charles Myers, Robert Shulevitz


The Corruption of Kidiya Kitts

Corruption of Kidiya KittsMy latest short film “The Corruption of Kidiya Kitts”  

Watch the trailer to “The Corruption of Kidiya Kitts” –

 The story of Kidiya Kitts revolves around a young basketball prodigy whose life gets turned upside down by a calculating seductress.  At the ripe age of 20, not only is Kidiya Kitts the NBA’s projected number one draft pick — he is also the one young black man who can lead the troubled league back to the promised land.

Jamie Devil

 Talented. Handsome. Cerebral. He is blessed with a sense of harm and charm that reaches the cheap seats. However, it’s tough to remain innocent on the road to the NBA. Even those who can steer clear of run-ins with the law have to deal with the league’s culture of temptation.  

“Sometimes things aren’t as safe as they appear”.

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 Watch my film “Helen Keller Had A Pit Bull” here –




Child Support by Matthew Voss of 25 April Films in association with Pinnacle Entertainment

Child Support

Check out the trailer for this upcoming film, Child Support, by Matthew Voss. A 25 April Film in association with Pinnacle Entertainment, this film was shot in Nashville, TN. Please post your comments below or by visiting the Vimeo site to do so.

As always, if you want help promoting your next project, hit me up here at Indie Sessions.



Suicide Butterflies Filmmaker Needs Your Help.

I know you love independent film, but do you support other independent filmmakers? You have a chance today to help one independent filmmaker achieve her budget to make a great indie arts film. The film is called Suicide Butterflies and I’ve seen the script and it looks great, so if you have the ability to give, please do. If you don’t then please share her Indie GoGo page so that others may have the opportunity. Thank you and keep making films!

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