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Film Riot – Mondays: Character Development & Keeping Continuity!

Film Riot – Mondays:

Ryan answers the viewer questions including character development and Upercut the Butt remixes (my personal favorite). He also recommends the short film Duet directed by Glen Keane. The only criticism I have of the film is the unrealistic lifetime of the dog. What a great animation. It looks like it’s frame by frame art, but I could be wrong. Have a look by clicking the link above and make sure to comment on your thoughts on this episode of Film Riot with Ryan Connolly below in the comments box. If you want to edit like Ryan and many others, make sure to get your Adobe Premiere Pro CC [Digital Membership]¬†and you’re good to go. Once you edit something, send us a clip or trailer and we’ll be glad to feature it here on the site. Until next time, keep making movies!


Nashville Rocks episode 1 with Alexes Aiken

Owner of Nashville Rocks and Indie Sessions Interviews Music Artist

So as the owner operator of Indie Sessions and Nashville Rocks, I’m sure some of you wonder if I can put my money where my mouth is. Well, this piece was a run-and-gun shot on a zero budget with the Canon 7D.

Nashville Rocks own Jason Coleman interviews Alexes AikenI interview Alexes Aiken and talk about her music career. We talk about her video and her writing.

Check this episode of Nashville Rocks out and let me know your thoughts below. What could we have done better? Who should we interview next? What do you want to see in an up-and-coming music artist show?




To find out more about Alexes Aiken visit


Autodesk Smoke – Fix It In Post

This is a great way to sell a post system. My hat is of to the folks at Autodesk for this production. It also illustrates the many things that can be done in a post production environment to a “post-beginner.” Day-for-night, wire removal, green screening, motion capture, 3D element integration and more. If you don’t understand post production, this is a great sampler of some of the common tasks that can be done.


Josh Mitchell’s Pick n Roll

Check out this series with a basketball theme. It’s put together well. Visit here: watch the series and comment here to let us know what you think. As an added bonus, we’ve embedded The Beginning right here on Indie Sessions. Make sure to enter your email address to stay in touch with our latest posts.


The Hunt for Pikachu – Final Cut King

Great piece from Final Cut King bringing the “peekachu” (what the heck is that? You know you’re old when…) to life. This could also be added to your cute kitten videos. Enjoy:)

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