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Fly With Josh Connolly – Or Fall – See how its done – Get a stand up desk – Film Riot Episode

Josh Connolly FlyingMake Yourself Fly or Fall

Wanna see Josh fly?! Well he might need some help but Ryan shows you how to make it look convincing anyway. Check out this episode of Film Riot to see how to make this happen. Send us your videos using this technique and we’ll publish it here and help you get more views.

Ryan makes some mistakes, but unless you are watching every frame like some loser, you’ll enjoy this effect and the instructions on how to pull it off. It’s a fairly simple technique and any beginning filmmaker should be able to accomplish it.

Next Ryan discusses something familiar to anyone who’s ever edited a project. Time in front of the computer can be damaging to your body. Ryan did some research on it and has come to a new conclusion. Check it out in this episode.


Cheap Wireless Mic Alternative – Zoom H1 Pack – QUICK FX

Knoptop has a simple solution for replacing the need for wireless lav mics. Check it out.


Fisheye Lens for $6 Dollars – QUICK FX

Knoptop takes you out of your comfort zone with this quick FX tip on using a home style peephole lens as an attachment for your camera. He comes up with some interesting results. If you use this technique in a film, we’d love to see it. Send us a link to your Youtube or a hard copy and we’ll do our best to help you get more views.


iPhone videography & DIY XLR mic-to-iPhone adapter : Indy News

Loving all the tips for diy projects on this episode of Indy Mogul. I love to get in the garage and get to soldering. Is it just me or do all a/v tech nerds like it too? Anyway, these tips are great to get a beginner on the road to making movies or even advertising, so have a look at this episode and don’t forget to leave your comments below.


Put Yourself in the Avengers! – Film Riot

This episode of film riot goes into detail on how they achieved placing themselves inside a major motion picture release trailer. Of course they chose the Avengers, but beside that, they did a good job. The overacting makes the clips stand out so you can easily tell where the clips aren’t real. Enjoy:) Now who is going to put themselves in a skinimax flick?

Make sure to come back and post links to your clips of putting yourself in your favorite movie!

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