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Top Online Resources For Filmmakers – Ryan Connolly – Film Riot

In thse episodes Ryan shares his favorite links to great sites for filmmakers. I’ve also linked these sites on the LINKS page. Check em out and let me know if you have any links that would be good fro that page.


Suicide Butterflies Filmmaker Needs Your Help.

I know you love independent film, but do you support other independent filmmakers? You have a chance today to help one independent filmmaker achieve her budget to make a great indie arts film. The film is called Suicide Butterflies and I’ve seen the script and it looks great, so if you have the ability to give, please do. If you don’t then please share her Indie GoGo page so that others may have the opportunity. Thank you and keep making films!


Background Replacement, Skydiving & Warp Stabilizer!

Remove the background??? Say it isn’t so. Yep folks, once again you see the power that is masking. These techniques can be used for SO much. Ryan shows how he put Josh in the desert…well…not really.

Software Recommendations