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Calling All Film Makers

Do you have a film that has already been through the Film Festival Circuit and is now destined to a dusty shelf life and no love or viewership? Then we’re here to help. Send us your film and we put it on television in rural markets that may not have been exposed to your film in the first place. These markets are starving for content. Think about those local cable markets, local telephone markets and electric co-ops that have their own channel with little or no entertainment programming or promotion.

We can help your film reach these markets and be seen rather than being shelved. So dust off those films (figuratively of course) and send them to us. We will run our first market test in June if we get enough films submitted that meet our quality guidelines (we need family quality movies).

Send an email to – (please call ahead before sending large files)
Call us at 615-331-5649
or send a DVD to:
Indie Sessions
C/O Jason Coleman
5105 Brucewood Drive
Nashville, TN 37211


Film Riot = Great resource for Indie Film Makers

Have you heard of Film Riot? Well, if you have then you have enjoyed watching their episodic revelry. They are a product of Revision 3 who puts out many other great internet programs. Film Riot delves into the pieces and parts of making great films. They can be found on YouTube, Revision 3, Certain web-enabled DVD players and their own website. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll thank me.

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