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Scaling Walls by Filmmaker Mickie Banyas – Directed by William Broders – Edited by Jason R. Coleman

Scaling Walls

Check out this film, Scaling Walls, written and produced by filmmaker Mickie Banyas. It was directed and shot by William Broders and edited by Jason R. Coleman. Set in Atlanta, GA this film illustrates Carl as he relives his past to discover the triggers of his inability to stay in a relationship. With help from his therapist he releases his baggage and moves on. This uplifting film has been submitted to several independent film festivals and has gotten great feedback.

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Suicide Butterflies Filmmaker Needs Your Help.

I know you love independent film, but do you support other independent filmmakers? You have a chance today to help one independent filmmaker achieve her budget to make a great indie arts film. The film is called Suicide Butterflies and I’ve seen the script and it looks great, so if you have the ability to give, please do. If you don’t then please share her Indie GoGo page so that others may have the opportunity. Thank you and keep making films!

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