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Create convincing fight scenes – Indy Mogul and Andrew Kim

Andrew Kim Punching Camera

Fight Scene

This is a critical basic video that most filmmakers forget about. Fight choreography can kill your production. If it’s not convincing, “bad movie.” However, if it IS convincing, it can make a bad movie, a great action movie. Check out these tips and send me your videos of fight scenes you’ve produced. Have fun and don’t get knocked out!


Revisit Chroma Keying

chroma keyingChroma Keying

There’s never a time to let your chroma keying skills lax. You always want to stay up to date with your keying skills. With that in mind, if you are new to keying, then this tutorial is great for you. Give it a shot and keep making projects. I found these guys through Indy Mogul, but they seem pretty cool so check em out.




Over the Shoulder Rig for $14 – Indy Mogul Episode

This episode shows a pretty cool over-the-shoulder rig for capturing that ever-sought-after third person perspective. Check it out and let us know what you think below or on the Indy Mogul Channel.


Friday 101 MAILBAG! – june 1, 2012

Great advice in this 101 segment from Friday 101. I haven’t tested the AKG mic so buyer beware, but some of the editing advice is good and the audio as well. Ejoy and don’t forget to comment below.

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