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Film Riot – Mondays: Character Development & Keeping Continuity!

Film Riot – Mondays:

Ryan answers the viewer questions including character development and Upercut the Butt remixes (my personal favorite). He also recommends the short film Duet directed by Glen Keane. The only criticism I have of the film is the unrealistic lifetime of the dog. What a great animation. It looks like it’s frame by frame art, but I could be wrong. Have a look by clicking the link above and make sure to comment on your thoughts on this episode of Film Riot with Ryan Connolly below in the comments box. If you want to edit like Ryan and many others, make sure to get your Adobe Premiere Pro CC [Digital Membership]¬†and you’re good to go. Once you edit something, send us a clip or trailer and we’ll be glad to feature it here on the site. Until next time, keep making movies!


Mount Your Camera Anywhere – VBag – Film Riot


The Philip Bloom VBAG

This episode Ryan reviews the “V” Bag (VBAG), Philip Bloom endorsed camera stabilization bag. It looks like the water bags that you put in the back of a truck, but instead of putting in water you actually suck out the air to lock your camera into position. So if you need a somewhat affordable way to stabilize your camera just about anywhere, then check out the “V” Bag.




Rhode Smart Lav Review from Film Riot Great Value For Wireless Alternative

Rhode Smart Lav 2

Rhode Smart Lav

This episode goes into detail on the Rhode Smart Lav. I personally dig it. I paid approximately that much for a set of lav mics that aren’t wireless so recording to an iphone is certainly a better alternative. That is as long as you get some sort of sync sound. Anyway, Ryan goes into his detail about the mic system in this episode and there is some serious cutdown challenges going on with Josh.


Film Riot


Super Flight Takeoff by Film Riot

Super Flight Takeoff

Super Flight Takeoff

In this episode, Ryan goes into the details of making a Superman take-off look realistic. It’s surprisingly simple and you will enjoy some of the other uses of these techniques. There are some great outtakes at the end and you’ll love how Josh makes his “Booty Clap!”

Keep looking for the first Indie Sessions episode coming soon and keep making movies!

Film Riot


Fly With Josh Connolly – Or Fall – See how its done – Get a stand up desk – Film Riot Episode

Josh Connolly FlyingMake Yourself Fly or Fall

Wanna see Josh fly?! Well he might need some help but Ryan shows you how to make it look convincing anyway. Check out this episode of Film Riot to see how to make this happen. Send us your videos using this technique and we’ll publish it here and help you get more views.

Ryan makes some mistakes, but unless you are watching every frame like some loser, you’ll enjoy this effect and the instructions on how to pull it off. It’s a fairly simple technique and any beginning filmmaker should be able to accomplish it.

Next Ryan discusses something familiar to anyone who’s ever edited a project. Time in front of the computer can be damaging to your body. Ryan did some research on it and has come to a new conclusion. Check it out in this episode.

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